Recognizing The True Implications of Anti-Semitism

Lest we never fail to recognize the truly nasty and rotten core of the pseudo-intellectual conspiratorial and prejudicial form of bigotry and hatred that is the hallmark of anti-Semitism

The most infamous piece of anti-Semitic text that alludes to a conspiratorial Jewish world domination is The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a fraudulent piece of writing that suggests a small cabal of Jews were smart enough to manipulate the masses to fall unknowingly under their control but dumb enough to write down their entire plan for those same masses to read. The text has been aptly described by historian Norman Cohn as Hitler and the Nazi Party’s “warrant for genocide.”

It is alarming to see similar Medieval myths and libels (such as the Passover and Blood libels) used to slander and foment hatred for the Jews in Christendom. These lies are now being reused by some official sources in the Disputed Territories, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to incite condemnation, suspicion, and hatred of the Jews.

Hamas, whose charter calls for Israel’s annihilation, has the text on its website and preaches it as fact (as the Nazis had done before them) to instill the desire to take up the age old pathological creed of carrying out a campaign of genocide against the Jewish citizens of the world. When one believes such fabrications, what are the consequences?

Take another work of fiction as an example. The Turner Diaries a fictional diary of a neo-Nazi who, with a group of like minded individuals calling themselves the Order, carry out a campaign of sabotage and terrorism in an effort to overthrow the Federal Government of the United States. They succeed and instigate a race war and start a nuclear war in which they kill millions when they attack New York City and Tel Aviv in order to fulfill the said pathological creed. Here is a description of the aftermath of the nuclear attack on Tel Aviv:

“Within 24 hours after we hit Tel Aviv and half-a-dozen other Israeli targets last month, hundreds of thousands of Arabs were swarming across the borders of occupied Palestine. Most of them were civilians, armed only with knives or clubs, and Jewish border guards mowed down thousands of them, until their ammunition was exhausted. The Arabs’ hatred, pent up for 45 years, drove them on-across mine fields, through Jewish machine-gun fire, and into the radioactive chaos of burning cities, their single thought being to slay the people who had stolen their land, killed their fathers, and humiliated them for two generations. Within a week the throat of the last Jewish survivor in the last kibbutz and in the last, smoking ruin in Tel Aviv had been cut.”

Among other things, this book inspired Timothy McVeigh to carry out the now infamous bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing over 60 innocent people in 1995. It was this book, as a piece of anti-Semitic literature, that led him on the downward spiral that capitulated in him executing this horrendous terrorist atrocity.

Bottom Line: Antisemitism isn’t just another form of bigotry or intolerance. It is by all means a disorder that can prove to be life threatening to the bare foundations of civilization. It is a duty of civilization to ensure that its true meaning is never distorted and the term is never allowed to be degraded or devalued by those who wish to belittle the true nature of its callous, hateful, and superficial tenants.

Image by spletke.

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Paul Iddon is a freelance political writer from the Republic of Ireland who is interested in current Middle Eastern events and political development. He writes about a wide range of issues related to the State of Israel.