Kehila Carnival #1: The First One Ever Edition

Kehila Carnival #1: The First One Ever Edition


I am proud to present you the first ever Kehila carnival.  The Kehila, for those of you who don’t know, is a community of Israel and Jewish bloggers that have joined together to help each other build and promote our blogs.  We hope to reach new readers and make a difference for our communities, both offline and online, through our support and interactions.  If you want to be the fifteenth member of this wonderful group, check out the home of Kehila.

Izgad, the next host of the Kehila carnival, recently wrote a series of posts discussing the social implications of Asperger’s.

Liberty’s Spirit shared a video of Caroline Glick discussing the Iranian nuclear threat.

Bat Aliyah had an adventure shopping in Ramat Levi.  She mentioned one of the things I love most about Israel, and impromptu Minyan on the way into the grocery store.

In the Pink shares how sometimes everyone wants to help in the kitchen, but often no one wants to help at all.

My buddy Yaakov at Esser Agaroth gives us ten more ways you know that you are Israeli.  Some of these are pretty funny.

Rutimizrachi found a place where everybody knows your name.  (I just sang the Cheer’s theme song out loud when I read that title.)

The Minnesota Mamaleh, who as it turns out knows one of my old college friends, is trying to slow down.

Ima 2 Seven found that repenting during the month of Elul is hard.

I just saw that Hasbara with Attitude sells t-shirts.  They make normal IDF t-shirts look pretty lame.

Baila wrote about some of the hardest parts of making alyiah.

Lady Light thinks religious tolerance is good, but stupidity is not.

Susan at To Kiss a Mezuzah found that getting the photographer to leave a sanctuary during Shabbat davening was much more difficult than it should have been.

And last, but certainly not least, I wrote an awesome post (read it to verify if it is, in fact, awesome) about the Iranian nuclear program.  Did you know that Russia is sending uranium over starting this month?

That does it for this week’s Kehila carnival.  Do you want to be in our next carnival, which takes place in two weeks?  I bet you do.  It is free and easy to be a part of it, but you don’t fill out a form at Blog Carnival.  Head over to the Kehila home page and sign up.  It is that easy.  You also get to chat online with all of these great writers, so what are you waiting for!?!?!

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  1. Susan Barnes says

    Hey, I signed up right away, but my blog isn’t included in the carnival. What’s up with that?