Joel To Host Haveil Havalim at The Israel Situation

This Sunday our wonderful non-profit/NGO blogger Joel will post this week’s Haveil Havalim, the Jewish/Israel blog carnival.  We will also be unveiling a new look for the site to coincide with the carnival.

If you do not know what a blog carnival is, you should subscribe to the site by RSS so you don’t miss it.  If you want to participate, send your submission to Joel via the Blog Carnival submission form.

Last week, Haveil Havalim was hosted by The Real Shilach.  If you are interested in hosting in the future, contact Jack.

I am a big supporter of the Haveil Havalim cause.  If memory serves, we have hosted four HH carnivals here in the past.  Looking at the older ones (below), you can see that they have improved over time.  I am sure Joel will keep that trend going on Sunday.

Haveil Havalim #247: Chanukah 2009/5770

Haveil Havalim #206: I Love Adar Edition

Haveil Havalim #186: First Sin of the Year Edition

Haveil Havalim #156

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