Israel Takes Humus Record From Lebanon

Israel Takes Humus Record From Lebanon

Lebanon likes to complain that Israel has stolen foods from them.  If memory serves, that list includes staples like falafel and humus.  However, Israelis set a humus record and had the Guinness Book of World Records staff on hand to certify it.

Chefs in Abu Ghosh borrowed a satellite dish from a local TV station and filled it with over 4,000 kilograms, 8818 pounds, or humus.  Abu Ghosh took the record set on October 24th in Lebanon, which took a record from Israel, which took a record from Lebanon.

Abu Ghosh, an Arab town not far from Jerusalem, celebrated by eating the humus.  Hundreds of Jews and Arabs joined together to dance around the humus, which officially weighed 4,098 kg.  The chefs were both Jews and Arabs from around the area, and they committed to a festive atmosphere and challenged Lebanese chefs to break their new record.

Israeli Army Radio referred to the humus battle as the “3rd Lebanon War.”  One of the chefs said, “If only this were the only thing we fought over with Lebanon.”  Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud said that Lebanese chefs plan to break the record in the spring and build up the humus pile on the Lebanon Israel border, “this way they can learn how to do humous,” he said.

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