Israel Sending Rescue Team To Haiti

Israel Sending Rescue Team To Haiti

On the heels of a devastating earthquake in Port au Prince, one of the largest cities in the Caribbean, people around the world are rushing to assist Haiti and save living people buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Israel is no exception.  Israel is sending a team of field medics, prepared to give aid to injured people at any location, and army engineers, who can help rescue workers safely dig through the rubble.

Among those missing are four Israelis.

The earthquake, which passed 7.0 on the Richter scale, shook the entire island.  Some estimates show that as many as 3,000,000 of the 9,000,000 people in Haiti will need some sort of medical or housing aid.

Israel’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, a nation adjacent to Haiti, has traveled to the effected region to determine what more Israel can do to help.

I wish all of those injured in Haiti a refua shlema, a speedy recovery.  For those with missing family member, I hope the international efforts bring your family home safely.

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Eric is the founder and editor of He has been to Israel many times including a semester at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the former president of the Israel advocacy group at the University of Colorado and teaches about Israel and the Media at a local religious school.