Book Review: Start-Up Nation

Book Review: Start-Up Nation

Start-Up Nation is an analysis of what makes Israel a successful breeding ground for high tech startup companies. Authors Dan Senor and Saul Singer spent time interviewing some of Israel’s top business and political leaders to build such a well researched and reputable book.

The book outlines success stories of Israeli entrepreneurship beginning before the establishment of the state. It examines industry start-ups, such as the agriculture and aircraft industries. It looks at unique social situations in Israel, such as compulsory military service, the Kibbutz movement, and Israel chutspa.

What I Liked: This book gives a great, positive account of Israel’s business culture and history. It is extremely well researched and easy to read. The format of the book brings the reader logically through the development of industry and includes many comparisons with other countries and anecdotes about how the industries and companies came to be.

What I Didn’t Like: The book is a great cheerleader for Israel’s business successes. However, it takes little time to look at the problems Israeli companies and the Israeli economy suffered through and only looks at a few threats to Israel’s continuity, rather than threats from the competitive environment.

Overall: I loved the book. It left me with a feel good opinion of Israel’s venture capital and high tech industries. It is worth reading if you are interested in Israel’s economy or a great business case for the sake of business itself.  The book is available in all major bookstores.

[Disclaimer: I was given a free review copy of this book at my request]

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