Best Posts

By Eric:

A Brief History and Future of Land For Peace – A look at the deal between Israel and Egypt and the potential of peace with the Palestinians and Syria.

Religious Bus Lines – An examination of the problems surrounding bus lines through religious neighborhoods such as Meah Shearim and B’nai Brak, and possible solutions.

My Life Changed Four Years Ago Today – Remembering my first trip to Israel and the lasting impact it had on my life.

A Conversation I Once Had – Looking back to a conversation with a Muslim student at the University of Colorado and the lies and misconceptions about Israel’s real history.

The Gaza Flotilla: Review and Roundup – A very in depth look at the Flotilla incident of 2010.

By Anthony:

Why I Want My Son to Server – A look at why Anthony wants his son to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Losing the PR War – A discussion of Israel’s public relations efforts and the constantly poor results.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder – Visiting the Torah portion that links Israel with the Jewish people.

If you think I am missing a great post, please let me know and I will add it.  With over 1,500 posts to choose from, it is hard to remember everything we have written.