Abbas: No Jews in Palestinian State

In 1948 and again in 1967, Israel made big steps to naturalize Palestinians living in annexed territories.

The Druze in the Golan, for example, have virtually all accepted citizenship, been given access to world-class education and healthcare for free, and volunteer for the army.  They are free to travel anywhere in Israel, including the “Arab free” roads in Judea and Samaria.  They have Israeli passports and enjoy every freedom given to people in the Western, democratic world.

The Palestinians living in cities like Umm Al-Faham, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem were all given the same offer.  In Haifa, Israeli Arabs live next door to Israeli Jews in peace.  I will admit that there are problems.  Racism is a major issue.  There is some segregation between neighborhoods, but that is no different from “Black neighborhoods” and “Mexican neighborhoods” and “White neighborhoods” in the United States.  They are all given the same rights.

So why do the Palestinians treat the Jews differently?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made it clear that a future state called Palestine will not be a home to Jews.

“We have frankly said, and always will say: If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it.”

In the same speech, he goes on to blame Benjamin Netanyahu for a lack of progress in the peace process.  It sounds like Abbas is more concerned with Dhimmi living in his land than a sustainable peace.

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Eric is the founder and editor of He has been to Israel many times including a semester at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the former president of the Israel advocacy group at the University of Colorado and teaches about Israel and the Media at a local religious school.


  1. M says

    From the same article: “He was commenting on unconfirmed reports suggesting that the PA leadership might agree to the presence of the IDF in the West Bank after the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

    It does not sound like he was speaking about civilians, tourists, etc. He was talking about an IDF presence.

    • says

      I actually agree with Abbas on the point that the IDF should not be in a Palestinian state. It is up to the Palestinians to police and secure their own people. However, I am concerned about what will happen. Just look at the rocky history with Southern Lebanon and Hezbollah.

      But that quote from Abbas is pretty clear. Even with the context of the speech, “we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it” is pretty clear to me.

      • MaPol says

        It’s entirely possible that, in the event that an independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state does get established in West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, the Palestinians won’t govern themselves and secure their own people very well. However, there are certain risks that Israel’s going to have to take in order to get the peace and security that she needs, and that’s one of them.

  2. M says

    The whole premise of this post is erroneous. He said “Israeli,” not “Jew.” He was clearly speaking about the IDF, not civilians. There is no shame in admitting an error… but don’t just try to BS your way out of it.

  3. M says

    Neither the content nor the context of this statement supports your suspicion. I think that because you’re a critic of Abbas, you’re grasping at straws for something to be outraged about. There are plenty of valid, rational criticisms of Abbas which you and I probably share. However, this viewpoint which you assume he holds just doesn’t hold water.


    • says

      It only takes about thirty seconds on Google to find evidence that Abbas, like his Hamas counterparts, is an anti-Semite. What he says in English is vague, but what he says is Arabic is very clear.

      The difference between Fatah and Hamas is their methodology, the goal is the same. They want all of the land “from the river to the sea.”

  4. M says

    I’ve noticed that when your views are attacked, you revert to generalities and make no effort to respond to opposing views. Sometimes you don’t even bother to speak in generalities… you’ll just speak in hypotheticals (“Well here is what Abbas was actually thinking…”).

    How can you explain that Haaretz article I just posted where Abbas welcomes Jewish NATO troops to Palestine? Yes, one can find anti-Jew quotes from him, but that wasn’t what we were discussing. The post wasn’t whether Abbas hated Jews or not. It was whether he actually wanted to prevent even a single Jew from being in Palestine. It is clear that Abbas did not mean what you wish he meant.

    • says

      Is this specific enough?

      The situation is much to complex to only look at one news bite and think you understand the mentality of Mahmoud Abbas and the PA leadership. The title of the post what on whether Abbas would agree to Jews living in a future Palestinian state, though now it seems that we are discussing semantics rather than the meat of the issue.

      I think of all people I have ever met or read, Khaled Abu Tomeh gives the most accurate depictions of the Israel/Palestinian situation. We all have our biases, but he is an Arab of Palestinian decent. He told me, very clearly, that the Palestinian leadership has no interest in a peace agreement right now because they are slowly push the Jews out of the area. Gaza was first, the West Bank will be next, and then what?

  5. Hans Georg says

    The problem is that you are the antisemitic. Because your ideology is jewish=israeli. But that’s not. Israeli is an nationality, jewish an religion-term.
    Israeli cover jewish, arabic, christian, druze and so on. Palestinian cover arabic, christian, druze…and also a few jewish. So if Abbas said Israeli he meant an person under the israeli law.

    • says

      You are correct Hans, but the Palestinians are often careful to use the word Israeli rather than Jewish to describe those that they don’t want around. In fact, groups like Hamas often refer to Israel as the “Zionist Entity” to avoid acknowledging the existence of a Jewish state.

      Yes, there are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, Baha’i, and other religious, and non-religious, populations in Israel. Israel was founded to be a Jewish state, so I was speaking in generalities.

      I do not see how that makes me an anti-Semite. From Wikipedia:

      Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is prejudice against or hostility towards Jews often rooted in hatred of their ethnic background, culture, and/or religion. In its extreme form, it “attributes to the Jews an exceptional position among all other civilizations, defames them as an inferior group and denies their being part of the nation[s]” in which they reside.[1] A person who holds such views is called an “antisemite”.

  6. M says

    I believe this discussion has reached an appropriate ending point. I look forward to the next one.

  7. MaPol says

    As someone who’s critical of Israel’s occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, I also support Abbas’s idea of not having any Israeli Jews in a new independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state. That being said, I believe that Israel must evacuate both her troops and right-wing Israeli Jewish settlers from West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and allow the Palestinians self-determination in the form of their own nation-state in those territories.

    • says

      So you are saying that you believe in a racist government based on ethnicity? Israel has Arab members of the Knesset, Arab members of the Supreme Court, and free education, healthcare, and every other right for Arab citizens. You would kick Jews out of a country?

      • MaPol says

        Hold on a minute, Eric! The vast majority of Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem want their own independent, sovereign nation-state that’s run by and for Palestinians, and they rightly want Israeli troops and Israeli jewish rightwing settlers out of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, because Israel does NOT belong in those territories. The majority of Israeli Jews, too agree with, and support a two-state solution.

        Also, Eric; The Palestinians are very ethnocentric and tend to date, marry and spend time among themselves.

        • says

          This is not a post about military presence. It is accepted that any Palestinian state would not have Israeli military there. Abbas is a racist who says he wants no Jewish residents. That is what it is about.

          Further, you keep calling out “West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.” There are no Jews in Gaza. The only one there since 2005 was Gilad Shalit, when he was kidnapped and held there.

          The West Bank has autonomous Palestinian controlled zones. The area A and area B zones are well over 50% of the disputed territory.

          Have you ever been to what you call “East Jerusalem?” I used to live there. Calling it anything other than Jerusalem is deceiving. That would be like calling The Bronx something different from New York City. It is a large neighborhood, but it does not deserve any unique designation and splitting it from the rest of the city would be ludicrous.

          • MaPol says


            The Palestinians do not want the Israeli Jewish settlers in those territories, and they are right to demand that Israel be forced to evacuate not only their military troops from those territories, but their Israeli Jewish settlers as well, because those territories do not belong to Israel. Under the UN Partition of 1947-1948, when the land in question was divided up, there was to be a 2-state solution; The jewish-majority nation-state of Israel, and an independent, sovereign mini-sized Palestinian State alongside Israel in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

            Jerusalem was designated to be an international city, with Jewish West Jerusalem as Israel’s Capitol, and Arab East Jerusalem the Capitol of Palestine. That didn’t happen because the Arab countries at that time were extremely obstructionist and refused to accept the two-state solution. Now, Israel’s been doing likewise, and it’s just as detrimental for her as it is to the Palestinians who’re under Israel’s extremely harsh military occupation.

            If Abbas refuses to take the Palestinian refugees into any new Palestinian State that does get established, then it would be 1948-1988’s deja-vu all over again; the exploitation of the Palestinian refugees by the surrounding Arab countries as a political football to make war on Israel in the hopes that its destruction would occur. That’s precisely what happened in 1948, and for the first 40 years of Israel’s existence.

            The Israeli Jewish settlers in West Bank and East Jerusalem (I forgot that they were out of Gaza Strip) don’t belong in those territories. They have to be evacuated, along with Israel’s troops, and tranferred back into Israel proper. They’ve got no right to expropriate West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, as those lands were designated for the Palestinians, and NOT for Israel.

          • says

            In that case, do you believe all “refuges” would lose any claim that they are making to live in Israel and that the Israelis would have the right to kick out every Arab resident to live in a Palestinian state?

            Of course not, that would be racist and horrible, just like what you and Mahmoud Abbas are proposing.

            The Jewish leaders accepted the UN Partition Plan. It was rejected by the Arabs. It has been over 60 years and the entire region has changed. Making any claim based on 1948 is simply outdated and not feasible.

            Jerusalem was never officially made an international city, that was just a proposal. The Arabs did block every attempt to allow any Jewish presence in Israel. They lost, now it is time to move on and work together. However, they are the ones blowing up our buses and firing rockets at our schools.

            I am not sure what “extremely harsh military occupation” you are referring to. Israel has completely withdrawn from Gaza and the Israeli military has no presence in Arab cities around Judea and Samaria.

            The idea of “East Jerusalem” did not come to be until city was split and the Eastern side was controlled by Jordan until 1967. Israel captured that territory and what you refer to as the West Bank in the same war. The Jordanian government did not want it back. Since then, it has been a disputed territory. There have been many negotiations, and even offers made by the Israelis. None of them were accepted by the Palestinians.

            They don’t want peace, they want the Jews gone from the entire land. I did not come to this conclusion on my own. I have read it, heard it, and even been told it by an Israeli Arab while living in Jerusalem.

            You are trying to simplify a very complex situation while placing the majority of the blame on Israel.